Why Acceptacard?

Accessible, affordable and transparent

Founded in 2009, Acceptacard Limited provides affordable card processing services to thousands of UK businesses. Whether your customers buy in store, online or on the go, they want convenient experiences that let them shop seamlessly and pay with ease.

We champion the concept of accessibility, affordability & transparency, with a range of segment branded services designed cater for every type and size of business; these broadly fall into two main groups:

  • Pay As You Go solutions for start-ups & small businesses
  • Pay Monthly Direct Merchant Accounts for established & high card turnover businesses

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Award winning

We are proud to be one of the first to offer card payment services truly aligned to merchant needs. In 2013 Acceptacard won two industry awards for Payatrader.com - the first Pay As You Go, multi-channel service. Since then, we have continued to extend the brand family and in 2015 we launched Paya Card Services to deliver the same great value into the Corporate and SME market.

Paya Card Services (PCS) is also the first UK provider of the world's first validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) - a compelling new service that allows merchants to meet the significant challenges of achieving and maintaining PCI Data Security Standards while saving significant costs.


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Accessible, affordable and transparent